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About health trends
Health Trends, published biannually in hard copy since 1993, provides Hawaii’s policy and decision makers and health care consumers with reliable, objective data related to health care. This electronic version reflects recommendations from health researchers and librarians, policy makers, physicians, health planners, and the business community, based on the 4th Edition. These expert users of Health Trends wanted an expanded published chart book with more trends rather than snapshots at a point in time, more county-level information, more national norms and no technical appendix. They wanted the detailed data posted on the web in a form they can download, manipulate and paste into other documents.

This website offers this requested download capability, links to data sources, and methodological details. The flexibility of the website makes possible the continuing updating of the data, rather than biannual updates as the book is published.

We look forward to your comments and recommendations as we strive to continually improve the quality of the site and the detail and breadth of data available to you.

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