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Changes Over Time
Changes Over Time  |  Variations
Between 2005 and 2007, rates of preventable hospitalizations improved for 12 of the 14 conditions. The most striking improvements were:
  • Hospitalizations for dehydration decreased 20 percent.
  • Hospital admissions for pneumonia fell 19 percent.
  • Hospitalizations for adult asthma decreased 16 percent.
  • Hospitalizations for urinary tract infection declined 11 percent.
In contrast, admission rates rose for other conditions as follows:
  • Diabetes (short-term) complication rates increased 5 percent.
  • Hypertension increased 9 percent.

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Source: Hawaii Health Information Corporation, Inpatient Database.
Note: All rates are per 100,000 hospitalizations except for Perforated Appendix and Low Birth Weight which are per 100 hospitalizations.