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How To use this site
Welcome to the Health Trends in Hawai‘i website. This site has many features to help you get at and understand the data used to create Health Trends. Following are some basics to help you get the most out of the site.


At the top of every page is a tabbed bar that will take you to the overview of the general topic areas of Health Trends. Once there, you will find a pulldown menu that will take you to specific areas covered under that topic.

For example, if you are interested in the growth of the elderly population, you would select demographics and then from the pulldown menu you would select elderly population growth.

If you want to see a more complete listing of what is offered on one page, you can use the site map to examine and link to areas.

Getting the data

Once you are inside the site, you will find many graphs showing the trends of the areas under examination. Each graph is linked to a table that provides the data for that graph. Clicking on the link to the data table will pull up the data table for that graph. In addition to links to the data tables, there are links to the source providers’ home page if such data are available on the web.

The data are also available as Excel spreadsheets for you to download. By going to the "Research" section of the website, you will have the option of downloading the tables in Excel format in addition to HTML format.

As the site grows and we get more feedback from you and other users, we will be adding more functionality to the site. This section will help to keep you abreast of additional features as they become available.

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