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Find out how Hawaii compares to the U.S. in health status based on key indicators demonstrated in the chart below. Click each individual health topic to view more information.  

Click below health topic to view more information.
- Life Expectancy
- Coronary Heart
  Disease Mortality
- Cancer Mortality
- Lung Cancer Mortality
- Breast Cancer Mortality
- Infant Mortality
- Cancer Incidence
- HIV Death
- Syphilis
- Gonorrhea
- Chlamydia
- Hepatitis A
- Hepatitis B
- Hepatitis C
- Measles
- Mumps
- Pertussis
- Rubella
- Tuberculosis
- Hypertension
- High Cholesterol
- Diabetes
- Adult Cigarette
- Youth Cigarette
- Adult Binge Drinking
- Adult Heavy Drinking
- Youth Current Drinking
- Youth Binge Drinking
- Motor Vehicle Death-
  Alcohol Use
- Adult Drug Use
  Ages 18-25
- Adult Drug Use
  Ages 26+
- Youth Drug Use
- Seat Belt Use
- Motor Vehicle Death-
  Seat Belt Use
- Overweight
- Obesity
- Physical Inactivity
- Rate Better than U.S.
- Rate Similar to U.S.
- Rate Worse than U.S.
- Improving Trend Sign
- Worsening Trend Sign
- Fluctuating Trend Sign
*No Pattern = Stable Trend

The profile of Hawai‘i’s health status holds true only for the population of the state as a whole. When looking at specific groupings based on age, gender, ethnicity, or geographic location, the data reveal health disparities.