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HEALTH STATUS - Cigarette Smoking

Lower Cigarette Usage: Hawai'i's population consistently reports lower rates of cigarette use among both youth and adults than the population of the United States as a whole.  About 15 percent of Hawai'i's adult population and 13 percent of Hawai'i's youth report being cigarette smokers (U.S. adult, 18 percent; U.S. youth, 20 percent).

Between 1990 and 2008, cigarette use declined 27 percent among adults.  For youth, cigarette use declined 31 percent since 1999.  Hawaii's rate of cigarette use ranks among the lowest of all States.

While progress has been made, for Hawai'i and the nation, reported cigarette use among adults continues to be above the "Healthy People 2010" objective of 12 percent.

More Males Smoke: Smoking behavior differs between males and females, with a higher percentage of males reporting cigarette use. In 2008, 18 percent of males aged 18 and older smoked, compared with 13 percent of females.1

Cigarette Consumption based on Taxed Sales: U.S. cigarette consumption levels have fallen dramatically from their high in 1963.  While Hawai'i per capita usage has also dropped significantly over the past 40 years, Hawai'i has experienced an increase in cigarette consumption since the turn of the century.2 Based on these data, the gap between the U.S. and Hawai'i is narrowing.

Consequences of Tobacco Use: Tobacco use is a serious public health problem in Hawai'i. It causes more preventable diseases, death, and disability than any other health issue in the state. Currently in Hawai'i, tobacco use accounts for 16 percent of deaths and annually costs $262 million in direct medical expenditures and an additional $263 million in lost productivity. Efforts to address tobacco prevention and control in Hawai'i will require a comprehensive approach involving prevention, cessation, policy changes, reducing exposure to secondhand smoke, and identifying and eliminating disparities in tobacco use among groups and geographic locations.3

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Note: Respondents who currently smoke everyday or some days. U.S. figures are the medians of the states' means.
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