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Lower AIDS Incidence: The incidence of AIDS in Hawai'i has been below the U.S. rate since 1984, with the exception of 1989. Hawai'i is well above the "Healthy People 2020" objective for adolescents and adults, which is set at no more than 12.4 new cases per 100,000 population.

Expansion of Case Definition: The sharp increase in AIDS cases in 1993 both in Hawai'i and the nation as a whole was due primarily to a revised AIDS surveillance case definition by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The expanded CDC definition includes a laboratory marker indicating severe immunosuppression as well as three new clinical conditions.

1994 Drop: The decrease in AIDS incidence since 1993 has been due in large part to the development of drugs and treatments that delay the progression of HIV disease to AIDS and prevent maternal transmission of the virus to newborns.1

Decreased Deaths Due to HIV: Deaths in Hawai'i due to HIV infection have continued to decrease from a peak of 12.3 deaths per 100,000 in 1994 and an all-time low in 2003, at 1.6 deaths per 100,000. Similarly, the U.S. death rate due to HIV infection has continued to decrease and is currently at an all-time low. If declines continue in newly diagnosed AIDS cases in coming years, an increasing number of people will be living with HIV.

AIDS/HIV Prevention: AIDS/HIV prevention efforts include the availability of culturally and linguistically appropriate HIV counseling and testing, partner counseling and referral systems for individuals at high risk for HIV infection, needle and syringe exchange programs, and counseling for injection-drug users.2

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Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Summary of Notifiable Diseases.
Note: Figures for 1993 and after reflect the expanded CDC case definition. Incidence defined as new cases during reporting year.
Source: Hawai`i State Department of Health, Office of Health Status Monitoring, Vital Statistics Records.; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics Reports.
Note: Rates are age-adjusted to the year 2000 U.S. standard population. The number of Hawai`i deaths for 2004-2007 data are too small to age adjust with statistical reliability.